Audio Interfaces with Digital Out

For many, especially mobile, setups, a digital output could mean a world of difference in ergonomic workflow and preserving sanity. This goes double when you are going back and forth interfacing between a large studio, and your home workstation.

Why not just use your laptop’s onboard digital I/O (if it even TRULY has one)? Latency, stability, resource use, performance, noise, the usual suspects for getting an interface in the first place….yes even you mac guys with CoreAudio whatever.

This won’t be a super comprehensive list, but will hopefully at least be informative if you need this particular type of device right now.

Interface NameDigital OutMic PresDI’sTypeLoopbackBus PowerPrice $
Focusrite 18i8 3rd GenSpdif42USB1 stereoNo420
Focusrite 18i20 3rd GenSpdif, ADAT82USB1 stereoNo550
Focusrite 8i6 3rd GenSpdif22USB1 stereoNo320
Focusrite Clarett 8Pre USB Spdif, ADAT82USB1 stereoNo900
Focusrite Clarett 4Pre USBSpdif42USB1 stereoNo700

Interface Name

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