Michael Joseph

Michael began his career in music and recording in the mid ’90s when he first met Aaron Carey, (an intern at; Vintage Recorders, Phoenix, AZ), who became the mentor of innovative thought and supportive professor of; “what is possible, not the standard”, and we began a lifelong friendship and debate of “how to speak truths, change the audio recording industry for the better, and to benefit users, not investors and non-legit advertisers”

Aaron soon became the undisputed studio manager, and branched off to Pipelineaudio Studio, and as we both saw the shift of $s in the recording industry, Aaron and I both started manufacturing companies; Pipelineaudio Microphones, and AEXLabs, a studio monitor, live sound, and home speaker manufacturing company that introduced extremely accurate to the source, super high level / DB listening environments without fatigue or hearing damage. AEXLabs’ clients include; GCC, Glendale Community College, Phoenix, AZ, John Powell’s exclusive “Five Cats” Soundtrack Studio, Pacific Palisades, CA (by the way, one of the 5 cats is; Danny Elfman), AEXLabs studio monitors have been used on every soundtrack produced from “5 Cats Soundtrack Studio” since “Knight and Day” (2010) starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, and continue to be used by other well known studios and end users. 

With our discontent of the general progress of available, necessary audio software solutions, Aaron and I teamed up again to solve known issues and provide innovation to support the users of our, much beloved passion, users of audio, and the audio recording arts.

Vice President / Head of Concepts and Design

Aaron "Pipelineaudio" Carey

Aaron, “pipelineaudio”, started his career in 1989, training as an engineer working on guitars, amplifiers and sound reinforcement electronics. In 1991 he started studying under Pierre Grill at Rendezvous Recording in Hawai’i, working as a late night audio engineer, primarily for punk and metal bands. In 1994, Aaron relocated to Arizona, where he took he opportunity to enhance his skills in an area where the industry had much more to offer. Aaron’s background as a solder jockey who could build connections offered him opportunities in the studio as a tech, and most often, a patch bay and routing builder, working under greats such as Michael Kaye, Jeff Harris and George Augsperger.

Aaron accepted an internship after college at Vintage Recorders in Phoenix, AZ. He assisted and firsted for such musical giants as Lee Ving from Fear, Sacred Reich, Megadeth, Flotsam and Jetsam, and Dokken. Aaron also worked with the regulars of the studio including Stevie Nicks, Joey DiFrancesco, The Gin Blossoms, and Sheryl Crow, and first met and mentored Michael Joseph while working on his debut project. In his spare time was enlisted to rebuild/renovate/modify large studio hardware; Studer 24 track analogue recording machines, 24-36 track Neve studio mixing consoles, and various other, high-end vintage studio gear including; vintage,and sometimes priceless, mics, compressors, mic pres, and reverbs, 

In 1999, he started the Pipelineaudio studio. During this time, he began to pursue software solutions to real world and hardware problems; building relationships with Sonic Foundry, Sony, iZotope, and various visionaries of the impossible, and probably most importantly, Wave Machine Labs. He also set up at Vintage Recorders to make impulses of the gear, rooms and reverbs there for the newly emerging convolution reverb technology, which led to the AES_24_96 and pipelineaudio impulses popularized by Noisevault. During this time he released one of the first third party samples for Drumagog. 

While realizing the trend and impact of .mp3 and “bedroom/home recording” and the shift of revenue, Aaron started manufacturing Microphones under the Pipelineaudio brand with pre-tested and matched pairs for reliable and predictable studio results.

In 2006, Aaron teamed up with Justin Frankel and Christophe Thibault to found REAPER Digital Audio Workstation and produce a product that could be used by professionals, dominating a section of the market which had been almost completely ignored by the existing DAW manufacturers.
In 2009, Aaron returned home to Kailua, Hawai’i where he founded and owns the “Kailua Music School”, supporting local musicians, developing software solutions, developing young independent bands and teaching classes.

Head of Product Development

Dave Sanchez

Dave is a musician and programmer. He studied composition and computer music at SUNY Buffalo with Cort Lippe and Matt Sargent. During his time there he worked with Max/MSP and Gen specifically in the field of electro-acoustic music. With a focus on FFT and granular processing, Dave has always been interested in developing novel live processing algorithms. His patches have been used by composers around the world including Robert Carl, Marcos Balter, Mikael Carlsson and Grammy-nominated Christopher Cerrone.

Driven by a desire to always get further under the hood, he has since shifted his focus to C++ and the JUCE framework in an effort to make his designs even more handcrafted and portable. Now at aixdsp, he brings his passion for DSP and sound design to every build.

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