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"The Aix Drum Producer pack has completely changed the way I mix drums. As long as you have a well recorded source, achieving a monstrous drum sound is easy! Sample replacement and augmentation can finally go where they truly belong: In the trash!"
Glenn Fricker
Spectre Media Group / Spectre Sound Studios
Wow! I hoped that the Aixdsp Drum Producer Pack would be a nice set of tools, but this is above and beyond! This will change my entire work flow, and I love it! 🖤💪 #deathmetal #musicproduction #aixdsp #drumrecording #cubase #wetstudiodreams
Dorftrottel Productions
Do you know these plugins? These plugins from Aixdsp are insane. Thanks Spectre Media Group for the video showing that. Now the game is in another level!!! So good to have incredible people developing great solutions for our lives. #plugins #recording #recordingstudio #gravação #estudio
Marcelo Moreira


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