Stop wasting time stacking gates and filters hoping to stumble upon magical settings that eliminate cymbal bleed from your drums.

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About Us

With over 30 years of audio engineering, mixing, and mastering experience, AIXDSP are creating the exact plug-ins we have always wanted to see on the market that solve the most difficult problems we face in our profession in an easy, intuitive way.


Hunt Down Resonant Frequencies That Ruin Your Mix With Speed and Accuracy, Making Your Mixes Translate Across All Speaker Sizes


The Aix Drum Producer pack has completely changed the way I mix drums. As long as you have a well recorded source, achieving a monstrous drum sound is easy!
Glenn Fricker (Spectre Sound Studios)
They figured out how to put everything into one plugin and make it work. Professional mixers I've talked to and friends of mine all love this. It's a really fantastic plugin.
Warren Huart (Produce Like A Pro)
The difference is outrageous. Even if you go in and clean the drum bleed up manually, you still cant change the attack and release of the individual parts of the kit. Thats something that Multiband Gate can do that nothing else out there can.
Trey Xavier (Gear Gods)
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