Demo/Upgrade - Windows/OSX (VST2 VST3 AU AAX):

Intuition Compressor

You have often seen an oscilloscope output  an example of a snare drum waveform before and after a compressor. You’ve seen it in various academic papers, ads, articles, or even your recording school curriculum. It’s amazing to see what affect dynamics processing is having on your signal!

Unfortunately, as you have also seen, it’s not so easy to use a virtual plugin O-scope to get this same information. It can have you questioning which calendar year you are in!

aiXdsp brings you the Intuition Compressor – A compressor that peels back the layers of mystery surrounding dynamics processing. You will have a clear and intuitive visual display that shows exactly what is happening to your precious audio at all times.

New version 2 coming soon!

$199.99  $79.99 Sale

* All plugins are 64 bit unless otherwise noted

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