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Intuition Compressor

You have often seen an oscilloscope output  an example of a snare drum waveform before and after a compressor. You’ve seen it in various academic papers, ads, articles, or even your recording school curriculum. It’s amazing to see what affect dynamics processing is having on your signal!

Unfortunately, as you have also seen, it’s not so easy to use a virtual plugin O-scope to get this same information. It can have you questioning which calendar year you are in!

aiXdsp brings you the Intuition Compressor – A compressor that peels back the layers of mystery surrounding dynamics processing. You will have a clear and intuitive visual display that shows exactly what is happening to your precious audio at all times.

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* All plugins are 64 bit unless otherwise noted

A fully functioning compressor with an integrated oscilloscope. Very educational, actually lets you see the effect the compressor has on the source audio. Easy to compare before and after. Punch control. Hold control. The premise of this plugin is that the more you understand what your compressor is doing, the easier you will find it to make the sounds in your head come out of the speakers.

Problem: It is extremely difficult for students and even seasoned professionals to grasp exactly what a compressor is doing and consequently, exactly how to set it for the desired results. Also, in so many cases, it would be extremely advantageous to be able to set a specific time before the release curve begins. This is critical in Electronic Dance Music when ducking low frequency instruments via a bass drum sidechain for instance. Additionally, there is really no “one size fits all” attack or release curve, it would be very desirable to tailor the attack and release shapes to the source material. Finally, setting a minimum time before the attack curve begins would allow for some creative compressor functions as well as being much more predictable as to how to achieve a desired result. This is much more akin to what people think the “attack” control of  a compressor actually means.

Previous solutions: There are a number of plugin o-scopes out there at the moment, but they do not feel or behave the way traditional audio engineers would expect.

Our Solution: Intuition features an oscilloscope with time divisions set either to standard time or song tempo. This oscilloscope also allows independent control over the X and Y position of both the pre-and post processing signals. Measurement tools will allow you to really dissect what happens and when. Intuitions hold control allows a minimum time for gain reduction to hold or stay put before the release curve starts. In the life band world this allows for much better docking between the kick drum and the bass guitar and in the world of electronic dance music this control will allow the ultimate in the all critical ducking effect. Intuition allows the user to choose between and possibly draw attack and release curves. This will give you much more ability and versatility to create the dynamic range effects you desire. Intuition’s punch control allows a portion of the signal to pass through the compressor before the attack curve starts. This allows much easier emulation of modern compressor effects. This control will likely be added to other dynamic plug-ins in our product range. The punch control makes it very easy to decide just when the compressor is happening and by how much. One of the absolute standout features is the ability to see all the punch, attack, hold, release and ratio points on an ARA 2 editor window, allowing you to manually modify the timing of the compressor’s actions. Did a particular phrase get squashed too hard? Turn down the ratio on that point. Too much pumping or breathing in a phrase end, while the body is fine? Change the release time.

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