Multi band Compressor

Multiband compressor with hold and punch controls, upward AND downward expansion. Zero Latency.

$149.99  $59.99


Problem: In some ways, very similar to the dynamic eq, but when an entire range of frequencies needs to be dealt with. For instance, on an overhead track, you might want a very different attack, release, threshold and ratio on your cymbals than on the low end of your shelled drums

Previous solutions: There are some quite good multi band compressors out there, but they don’t seem to offer all of these features at once. Far more comprehensive controls could be extremely useful for many applications.

Our Solution: Each band has a side chainable, full featured, dynamics processor featuring: upward and downward expansion, gain, threshold, ratio, punch, attack, hold (!!!), release, RMS window size. Each band’s detector can source between the current band, a different band, the full input, or the sidechain input, and of course, these can all be filtered and previewed with the key listen control. Also, quality of life features like mute/solo/bypass and a defeat-able limiter with soft and hard clipping algorithms.

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