Dynamic EQ

Our take on the DynamicEQ:

• De-cramped filters remove all paranoia of cutting or boosting in the higher frequencies.

• Full featured compressor per band
• Lookahead

• Zero Latency for Realtime use! (when lookahead isn’t engaged of course)

• Upward AND downward expansion – add more bounce to your sound or cut some quiet frequencies out

• Hold control, for adding copious amounts of predictive power to your dynamic moves, in addition to the standard attack and release envelope parameters

• Defeatable soft or hard output limiter

• FU-G Mode – Thanks Glenn!

Whether for surgical corrections , wide smooth shifts, debleeding drums, de-essing and removing plosives from voices, making space in a mix, or even telephone vocals, aiXdsp’s Dynamic EQ has you covered!

$149.99  $59.99 Sale

Equalizer with a full featured dynamics processor on each channel. Upward AND downward expansion. Zero Latency. De-cramped filters.

Problem: Often there is a problem frequency that is too loud or too soft in certain parts of a song but not others. If you simply apply an EQ to this track, it will negatively affect the audio during the parts where correction was not necessary. 

Previous solutions: In the earliest of days, you could actually grab an EQ’s gain knob at (hopefully) the correct time and (hopefully) set it back to where it was previously. Alternatively you could attempt to switch hardware in and out, or switch between parallel channels. Later, automation could make this somewhat (at least broadly) possible, but still quite tedious, and incapable of extremely quick corrections.

Our Solution: In addition to standard EQ functions like high and lowpass filtering, DynamicEQ features side chainable dynamics per band, descriptive spectral display, output limiter and is zero latency (unless of course, you enable look ahead). Aside from your regular tone control duties, Dynamic EQ is ideal for tasks like de-essing and de-popping.

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