Demo - Windows/OSX (VST2 VST3 AU AAX):

Our take on the DynamicEQ:

• De-cramped filters remove all paranoia of cutting or boosting in the higher frequencies.
• Full featured compressor per band
• Lookahead
• Zero Latency for Realtime use! (when lookahead isn’t engaged of course)
• Upward AND downward expansion – add more bounce to your sound or cut some quiet frequencies out
• Hold control, for adding copious amounts of predictive power to your dynamic moves, in addition to the standard attack and release envelope parameters
• Defeatable soft or hard output limiter
• FU-G Mode – Thanks Glenn!

Whether for surgical corrections , wide smooth shifts, debleeding drums, de-essing and removing plosives from voices, making space in a mix, or even telephone vocals, aiXdsp’s Dynamic EQ has you covered!

$199.99  $79.99 Sale

* All plugins are 64 bit unless otherwise noted

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