What are the default control modifiers?

  • Double left click to return value to unity gain or default state or enter direct entry mode for text boxes
  • Double right click to return to preset default
  • Control drag for fine tune

Where is my plugin?

If you are on Windows, Steinberg requires the installer to place VST3 plugins in C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3. You can move them after if you'd like, at your own risk. 

For more details see

Why isn't my plugin opening in Logic?

This should be fixed now

I'm having trouble installing on Apple

1. Open the zip file
2. Double click the *.dmg file
3. You should then see a mounted drive called "Multi Band Gate" and  Double click it
4. Open System Preferences/Security and Privacy and go to General tab
5. Double click "Multi Band Gate.pkg"
6. A new dialog should come up and complain about unknown developer, hit OK
7. Switch to Security and privacy window and at bottom chose "Open Anyway" for Multi Band Gate.pkg
8.  A new dialog should come up and complain about unknown developer again, hit "open"
9. Then the installer should run

Multi Band gate

Why aren't there individual threshold controls?

The threshold control is for the detector itself. The original, primary purpose of the MBG was to deal with the classic problem of cymbals in the tom mics and hi hats in the snare mic. In that case, you would most likely want the gates to start the opening process at the same time, but have different general closing time (as well as attack times in some cases).

But for creative purposes, a detector selector per band may be added later.