MIDI Monitor

Sometimes, trying to figure out exactly where MIDI is going or what exactly the messages are or even….if there’s ANY MIDI going at all at the moment can be the most frustrating thing in the universe!

Fear not, aiXdsp is giving you a free MIDI monitor you can use in your  DAW of choice and make sense of all the nonsense

Grab it here, spread the word, and please, let us know how you like it!

$9.99  FREE

* All plugins are 64 bit unless otherwise noted

Outputs incoming MIDI information in a human readable way.

Problem: Diagnosing midi connection and routing issues can be a nightmare. Sometimes all you need is an easy way to read whatever MIDI data is incoming

Previous solutions: Some DAWs provide this function, also there are some basic plugins. The existing solutions aren’t the end of the world, but ours is cross platform and always available.

Our Solution: MIDI monitor displays incoming midi events and data clearly and easily across DAWs and across platforms.

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