Iconic Reverb

Demo/Upgrade - Version - Windows/OSX (VST2 VST3 AU AAX):

A full featured reverb putting you in complete control of the reverb components’ shapes

Problem: Not enough control over the shape and timing of the reverb effect, especially compared to older digital hardware.

Previous solutions: In the hardware days, there was some available DSP to do this pretty well, but not only did it not seem to make its way to the computer, the nature of computers give you a visual display which should be far superior to the old hardware when it comes to control and predictability. Another attempt is the standard convolution reverb, modifying some existing impulses. This tends to work ok, if you have a reverb impulse that is very close to what you want, but they do not take much modification well at all.

Our Solution: Include the standard, traditional reverb controls, but add some novel control over the shape of the early reflections and reverb tails. Early reflections can be a standard ER generator or a user drawn ER shape, or any mix between the two. The reverb tail itself is drawn by an envelope, allowing for even reverse, gated or other nonlinear fix rivaling or surpassing the iconic hardware units of yesteryear. High and lowpass vs time envelopes are also provided. The ER and the tail also have their own EQs. HOW the reverb will be used in the mix is also well addressed, with side-chainable gate and ducking modules, allowing a control signal internally, or from a separate channel’s signal. A modulation and shimmer module give Iconic Reverb the ability to create these more modern reverb sounds, without even leaving the plugin! Quality of life user interface features like early reflection solo.

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* All plugins are 64 bit unless otherwise noted

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